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Maximize your sales using the new features of the Allure Wholesale Section

The number one reason you can lose an order or have an unhappy customer after you have worked so hard to get the sale is when the THE MANUFACTURER IS OUT OF STOCK on items which have been ordered.

You made the effort to get the sale so now it is up to us to make the rest happen for you. At Allure, we continue to strive for better customer service and can provide an easy solution to this potential problem.

You can now add the entire Allure collection to your website without ever having to worry about losing a sale because of items which are currently out of stock. Why? We now provide you with an automatically generated, daily file link that you can program your website to read. The file contains a daily status update of our inventory which means if ALLURE is out of stock of an item then YOUR site can show that item is out of stock also. This way you will never lose a sale again

Once you have opened your account with us you can also follow these important steps to maximize your sales using our website and drop ship program.

  • To sign up on our website as a wholesaler simply go to the top right hand corner on our home page and click the wholesale application.
  • Fill out the form completely and send to us.
  • The average waiting time for approval after completing your application is 24 hours at which time you may log on using the user name and password you chose.

Congratulations, you are now looking at our website as a WHOLESALER. This means that you can now do the following through our website.

  1. Use our new system to conveniently place your order.
  2. Check stock availability by simply clicking the item on our site.
  3. You can also access the “Out of Stock” list to see a FULL list of items which we are currently out of stock on.
  4. Searching for particular items on the site is easily done by typing the style number into the search.
  5. You can download all the images from off of the website to use in advertising the products on your website.